"We call our mates cunt; and cunts, well, we call them mate."

Since the start of 2017 when I noticed the distinct lack of birthday cards that say something like 'Happy Birthday' then; 'You Cunt' when you open it up. So I thought I'd do something about it.

All our cards are printed on the highest quality recycled paper.

If it is marked back-order it will take a few days to get it in; Which means, if you order a back-ordered item on a Monday, it will probably leave us by Wednesday... You get the jist?

We are only one man at the moment... but know I really, really want to fulfill the orders; I want you to be a happy cunt.

Fukin share that abusive love, cunts!!


Abusive Cards

ABN: 33 583 088 933

Located in Armadale, Victoria, Australia.

100% Recycled Cardboard

100% Australian Made

Greeting Cards